A2 Climate Partnership

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Local action is critical to global progress on
climate change and its human causes. Cities like Ann Arbor are at the forefront of dealing with the causes and the effects of climate change. Impacts will become more frequent and severe over time and include heat waves, snowstorms, high winds, and downpours that lead to flooding. Given the lack of attention and momentum at the national and state levels, cities like Ann Arbor are not defering action on climate change and have a responsibility to advance solutions and new ideas while engaging the community. 

In December 2012, the Ann Arbor City Council passed the Climate Action Plan (CAP), an ambitious multi-strategy vision to reduce our community-wide emissions 8% by 2015, 25% by 2025, and 90% by 2050, relative to year 2000 baseline emissions levels. The CAP was developed by City of Ann Arbor staff and City Commissions, in cooperation with a broad-range of local stakeholders and leaders, including local NGOs, and representatives from the University of Michigan and Detroit Edison.

The Ann Arbor Plan does not spell-out all implementation strategies or a prescribed timetable, and does not identify one single city department, agency, or individual responsible for overseeing, coordinating, and tracking implementation. In light of this fact, the Ecology Center, the Huron River Watershed Council, the City of Ann Arbor, along with a growing list of other partners are coordinating a plan to make sure Ann Arbor’s Climate Action Plan gets implemented.

We are convening a Climate Partnership (A2CP) to initiate action and monitor progress. The A2CP will work with the city and other relevant stakeholders to advance actions recommended in the CAP.

Check out the latest National Climate Assessment - IT IS A REALLY COOL WEBSITE and you can learn a lot about what climate change means now for our area and beyond.

Get Involved:

The launch of the Ann Arbor Climate Partnership (A2CP) is made possible by a generous matching grant from the Urban Sustainability Directors Network and the Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities.

For comments or questions on the Ann Arbor Climate Action Plan, contact the Ann Arbor Energy Office.

Check out more below from the Partnership on specific Ann Arbor climate impacts now and to come: